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We believe in transparency.

That’s why all our clothing and accessories are all made by us in our sunlit atelier in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing connects to all areas of our business as we endeavour to adapt to innovative and new earth friendly production methods, textiles and packaging.

Made Just For You

When you place an order online our team gets to work in our Victoria atelier––your garment pattern is cut out in the style, size and colour you picked, and then it is carefully ironed, pinned and sewn together. This allows us to make small adjustments for you, to fit your individual body type and personal style.

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Knowing who makes your clothes is half the battle in challenging the fast fashion industry standard.

We chose from day one to make all our clothing and accessories in house to ensure our production team is paid fairly, the working conditions in our shop and studio are comfortable and safe, and the quality of the garments that we produce are consistently upheld to a standard of excellence.

Materials matter.

The fabrics that we use to make our clothing are arguably the most important and influential piece of the whole garment-making puzzle. We know that the textile industry, as it currently stands, is one of the most harmful to the environment and as such, we take great measures to ensure that we source the most low-impact materials that we can.

The criteria for fabric selection within our garment production are: environmental impact, ethical sourcing, quality, longevity, and appearance.

We use clean cotton.

Cotton is one of the most utilized textiles – accounting for more than 40% of the world fibre industry – because of its high yield, low-cost and it’s ability to grow in a multitude of climates. Unfortunately, the cotton industry is also one of the most polluting industries in the world due to the high levels of pesticides used while growing, which is why we only use OEKO-TEX® certified cotton. This means our garments are made with fabric that has been tested for harmful substances and has been deemed harmless for human health.

more on OEKO-TEX® certification

Earth Friendly Textiles

We only use sustainably sourced, natural textiles like linen, hemp, bamboo, wool, and organic cotton. We believe that by supporting textile manufacturers that use GOT certified organic cotton and are transparent in their manufacturing processes, we can make a sincere positive difference in the environmental impact of the cotton industry as it has become today. Organic cotton costs more than traditionally-grown cotton, but we think it’s worth the investment.

what is GOT certified?

Sustainable Packaging

We ship our creations right to your door using paper mailers which are 100% recycled, curb side recyclable, and naturally biodegradable. Even our stickers are recyclable!

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